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Finally A Mood-Lamp That Fits Me

storm lights gifs - 8261993728
By ToolBee

Lights Out

lights FAIL gifs puns - 8113147648
By ToolBee

Need a Light, Bro?

lights mindwarp gifs fire - 8521022208
By tamaleknight

Crystal Aqua Trees

cool lights art gifs Japan - 6891132928
By Unknown

Snowboarding LED Stickmen

lights mindwarp gifs snowboarding LED - 7973584896
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

I Didn' Know Der Waz Christmas Fairies

lights gifs Caturday Cats holidays - 6901751296
By ani.s4

The Light Rotator

gifs mindwarp lights wtf - 8017544192
By Unknown

Shoot The Lights Off

gifs guns lights mindwarp technology toys - 6500852992
By Unknown

Night Invaders

lights space invaders mindwarp gifs Videogames funny - 7793050880
By ToolBee

Computing Was Hard Back in The Day

lights computers gifs Star Trek - 7055191552
By Asciicodeplus

What a Hit!

lights arts mindwarp gifs punching - 8528061440
By anselmbe

A Light Flip Kick

kicks lights gifs flips - 8166839808
Via Bing

No Need Turn Off the Red Light

Cats Caturday gifs lights what wtf - 5349949952
trees lights mindwarp optical illusions gifs forests Mushrooms - 357893

It's Friday, Time For Some Funky Illuminated Forest GIFs

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Playing Ping Pong on a Skyscraper

lights gifs buildings win - 7373876736
By Unknown
lights mindwarp gifs movie magic - 373253

These 8 GIFs Show Some of The Greatest Examples of The Mindwarping Phenomena, Light Painting

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