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Monkey Instructs Human How to Crush Leaves

monkeys gifs critters leaves - 8437320192
By Unknown

Proboscis Monkey Chews on Some Leaves

gifs critters leaves - 8540270592
By Unknown

Lazy Dog Slides Through The Leaves

critters dogs gifs lazy leaves silly Sundog - 6462403072
By _C_A_T_

Which One of These is Real?

art mindwarp gifs leaves - 8530755072
By Unknown

At a Vegetarian Restaurant

sad but true food leaves nom nom nom - 6774695168
By meganeguard (Via Pointy Eared Elvish Princeling)

Leaf Dancing - GIF

Cute animated GIF of a dancing leaf. The leaf isn't really dancing, but stop action animation cutaways.
Via Chasing Uphoriia

Black Cats Play in The Leaves

gifs leaves Cats - 8394398976
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Dog Really Likes Jumping Into Leaf Pile

memes dogs gifs critters leaves fall - 8349953536
By Unknown

Pug Chases After Leaves

critters dogs gifs leaves pugs - 8361127168
By Unknown

Why Are Those Leaves Soaring?

mindwarp birds gifs leaves - 8383718144
By anselmbe

Feels Like I Have to Leaf This World

mindwarp gifs puns leaves jumping - 8436191232
By Unknown

This'll Leaf Ya Going Ape

apes critters gifs leaves puns - 8302973696
By Unknown

Puppies Journey Through a Giant Pile of Leaves

dogs gifs leaves funny - 7877987328
Via Mean Cutie

Feeding a Baby Goat

critters gifs leaves goats - 8170648576
By Unknown

Plant Birds

gifs leaves mindwarp stop motion - 8196153088
By Unknown

Leaf It to Beaver

beavers gifs critters leaves - 8573346560
By Unknown
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