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CAUTION: Cute kitten gifs that are too much cuteness for some to handle all at once.

Just 10 Itty Bitty Kitties Who Are Soooo Sleepy (Gifs)

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White Kitty in a White Box, Playing with a White Toy

boxes gifs kitties Cats funny - 7843706880
Via Youtube

Dream Dancer

By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Who Likes Being Filmed While Eating?

gifs Caturday eating kitties - 7119482880
By Unknown

Tuxedo Kitty in the Sink

Cats gifs kitties sinks funny - 7896955648
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

One Explosive Kitty

explosion gifs kitties Cats - 8163358208
Via Bing

Pit Bull Cleans a Kitty

dogs pitbulls gifs critters kitties funny - 7856588800
By Unknown

Time to Snuggle And Collaborate on Our Yawns

gifs kitties Cats - 8378187520
By jyonasan1957

Kitty Likes Its Paws

paws gifs cute kitties - 8233050368
By Unknown

Pay Attention to Me

dogs gifs dalmatians kitties - 8313912064
By Unknown

Just one glass before naptime

Cute GIF of a kitten about to pass out while drinking water and owner wakes him up with a startle.
By tamaleknight

Can Cleaner Carl

gifs food kitties Cats - 8319324928
By Unknown

Kitten's First Fail

FAIL gifs Caturday kitties Cats - 7120797440
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

One Tiny Kitty

gifs cute kitties Cats - 8404366336
By ToolBee

Donkey and Kitty Become Friends

cute critters gifs donkey kitties - 8327077120
By Unknown

Electrified Kitty

gifs kitties Cats - 8441564672
By ani.s4 (Via Vine)
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