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Siblings Can Exhibit Control

dads gifs kids swords - 8494890240
By anselmbe

Breakfast of Champions

gifs kid kids modern living win - 6184381440
Via Gardevoirs

Child Abandons Idiot Family

dinosaur gifs idiots kids run - 6202207488
By Unknown

The Ultimate Sucker Punch

sports FAIL oops wrestling kids jo38ma3 - 7762318592
By anselmbe


FAIL gifs kids ouch walls wtf - 4777926656
By Unknown

4 Year Old Kid Breaks a Board

gifs kids martial arts cute win - 8549793024
By Unknown

You Kids Like Scary Things?

scary gifs kids zombie pranks - 8534791936
By ToolBee


gifs kids lions - 4867660800
By Unknown

Is That a Penguin?

wtf gifs kids penguins critters - 8374900992
By anselmbe

Kid Makes Some Portals

mindwarp gifs kids Portal - 8216153600
Via Lawebloca

Lifting Your Kid To The World of Imagination

gifs toys kids cute imagination culture - 7014469888
By Unknown

Giggles Are Contagious

Babies gifs kids - 7929750528
By ToolBee

I'll Pass!

gifs kids lol pass - 6941698560
By Iron-man01

Chimp Game Gone Wrong

chimps critters gifs kids yikes zoo - 6246019584

Funny How It's The Simple Things That Bring You Down

accident FAIL fall flip gifs kids ouch win - 6158486016
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

This Kid Has Got Style

mindwarp gifs kids - 8216889856
Via Bing
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