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One Kick Takes Your Opponent Down

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Well, At Least You Knocked Them Over

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Karate Kitty

best of week Caturday gifs karate kitty ninjas - 5272991744
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Karate Goat Demonstrates The Laws of The Wild

gifs goats critters karate jumps - 8125854976
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Karate Fail

ouch FAIL karate pain gifs - 6648488704
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You Picked The Wrong Person to Mug

ouch thieves FAIL gifs punching karate ladies - 8391413248
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Gymnastics' Practical Use

gifs gymnastics karate movies Movies and TV - 5879559936
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How Karate Belts Are Rated

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This is a Guy Who is More Dangerous When He's Got The Spins

black and white gif of a person practicing karate and doing multiple spins and somersaults
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gifs karate ouch Pranks for the Memories punching sleeping - 4563113216
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How to Dunk a Basketball

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Karate Kitten

cat Caturday gifs karate - 5350491136
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karate kick sports - 3660989184
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