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justin bieber

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

Arnold Schwarzenegger awesome celeb getting shot gifs guns justin bieber Predator - 5231350016
By Glaiceana77

Justin Bieber Eats It While on a Skateboard

FAIL gifs justin bieber - 8414750464
By Unknown

Just Zach Galifianakis Whipping Justin Bieber With His Belt

gifs belts funny justin bieber - 7824671232
By Iron-man01

GIF - Dance Floor Mooves

GIF of what look like Justin Bieber busting some moves on his dance partner.
By Adrian_Hdz09 (Via Senor GIF)

Perfect For Each Other

celeb gifs girlfriend justin bieber overly attached girlfriend - 6359990016
By 19Zoey88

Have They Ever Been in the Same Place At Once?

miley cyrus justin bieber monday thru friday g rated - 8018481920
By Unknown


bottle gifs justin bieber lady gaga mash up win - 4454068224
By Unknown

Dramatic Footage of Justin Bieber's Arrest

celeb getting shot gifs justin bieber not real TV - 4475237888
By ffaorlandu

Sad Facts

celeb gifs justin bieber sad but true - 6626001152
By Unknown


gifs humans justin bieber miley cyrus mindwarp Music - 4395737088
By fuustoleit

Empty Beliebs

gifs funny bad puns justin bieber - 7625727488
Via Get Off My Blog

The Dreaded Bieber Shirt

shirt wrestling justin bieber - 7771639552
By Tyler B


celeb gifs justin bieber mash up water bottle - 3995542528
By ShunLee

Justice For Justin Bieber

justice gifs sad but true justin bieber - 7045633792
By Unknown

Bieber Gets Shooped

celeb gifs justin bieber lasers seems legit - 5479981824
By Unknown

Justin Bieber Get Hit With Another Water Bottle

FAIL gifs water bottles funny justin bieber - 7885767168
By Unknown
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