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a funny gif of a dog jumping ontop of his owner in the pool - cover for a list of funny gifs that prove animals are just really jerks to other animals or humans

11 Gifs That Prove Animals Can Be jerks

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Cat Teaches Youngster How to Take The Ladder

Cats gifs push jerks - 8017172224
Created by Unknown

Buttermilk The Goat DGAF

kicks gifs goats critters jerks - 8300748544
Via Bing

Horse People Are Jerks

FAIL fire gifs horses jerks prank Pranks for the M Pranks for the Memories - 6414321920
Created by Unknown

Booty Check

FAIL gifs jerks - 6513435136
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Doing a Cat's job is hard stuff.

Very funny GIF of a cat that comes by to deliberately cute the corner of the tiles.
Created by anselmbe

Reminder: Cats Are Jerks

dogs gifs jerks Cats - 8475366144
Created by Unknown

They All Deserve It

wtf friends jerks funny - 8419960064
Created by Unknown

We Don't Like Cheaters, Here...

push jerks bike funny - 7964020992
Created by ToolBee

I Regret Nothing

FAIL friends gifs jerks push - 6001096960
Created by Meghan_Clifton123

Get That Weak Sauce Out of My House!

sports jerks basketball funny - 8070656512
Created by Unknown

Classic: Superman is a Jerk

ducks gifs jerks Movies and TV superman wind - 5328225280
Created by Unknown

It's Time For You To Learn How To Fly

kitten gifs parenting jerks Cats - 8121679104
Via Google

puǝᴉɹℲ 'llǝM ʇsǝɹ

Dark humor funny GIF in reverse of a car accident victim being placed back under the burning car which is then lowered on him, as the video is played backward
Created by Unknown

Penguins are Jerks

critters gifs jerks penguins - 5213447936
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

Hey Scoots, You Suck

gifs scooters jerks funny roads - 7714898176
Created by anselmbe
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