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Get That Off My Table

Cats Caturday gifs jerk push - 6511408640
By Unknown

Classic: Monkey Jerk Teases a Dog

cool critters dogs gifs jerk monkey Pranks for the Memories Sundog - 4954778880
By idiotjim

Boston Basketball Fans Can Be Jerks

basketball fans gifs jerk ouch sports - 6311556608
Via The Big Lead

Bald Eagle Pegs Grizzly Bear

eagle yikes ouch jerk gifs - 6684516352
By Unknown

Scumbag Penguin

best of week critters dive gifs jerk penguin penguins push - 5972136192
By Unknown

Raccoon Stealing Food From a Cat

gifs raccoon jerk Caturday theft Cats - 6877014272
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Classic: U Shasn't Complete

Cats Caturday gifs jerk - 6257583616
By gavman101

This Should Be On The Floor

gifs pushing jerk Cats - 8572211712
By Unknown

It Looks Better on The Floor, Human

Cats Caturday gifs jerk push - 6511045376
By Unknown

The Cake Reveals Certain Truths That One Cannot Unsee

birthday cake FAIL gifs jerk - 6399482112
By Mortuaryjoe

Russian Drifter

cars driving FAIL gifs jerk russia wth - 6585479936
By Unknown

Monkey Punches Capybara

critters gifs jerk monkey punch wtf - 5062530560
By _C_A_T_ (Via

What Are You Smiling About, Jerk?

ouch wheel FAIL gifs jerk bike - 6925677568
By Unknown

Bully Bird

bird bully Cats Caturday critters gifs jerk - 5220465408
By Unknown


bird Cats Caturday gifs jerk wake up - 4946114560
By Unknown

Dog Has Finesse When Trying to Wake Up Their Human

dogs gifs jerk sleeping - 8236451328
Via Bing
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