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He Really Misses The Horse And Buggy Days

wtf motorcycles mindwarp gifs horses - 8158723840
Created by beernbiccies

Cars Are For Suckers Without Wood And Horses

GIF of a man riding a plank of wood being pulled by a horse along the road with cars going the other way.
Via Google

Horse is Apprehensive About Water

gifs water critters horses - 8380771584
Created by Unknown

This is Why Zoo Was Made

ponies gifs horses mammaries - 8521736960
Created by ToolBee

Horses Like Cotton Candy Too

critters gifs horses - 7965318656
Created by SatevisM

This is Premium, Right?

mindwarp gifs in this economy horses - 8345808128
Created by ani.s4

Horsepowered Waterboarding

mindwarp gifs critters horses - 8424042496

Hi, My Name is Horse, And This is Jackass

FAILS gifs horses funny jumping - 7429860096
Created by Iron-man01

Poodle Watching The Kentucky Derby

dogs poodles gifs horses - 8538951936
Created by Unknown

Mini Horse Plays With a Bucket

gifs critters horses funny - 7835181056
Created by Unknown

Meanwhile in Newfoundland

gifs goats critters horses funny - 7439694592
Created by Unknown

Jump Roping Horse

gif of a horse jumping rope with a rider
Via Reddit | animals being derps

Cat And Horse Are Quite Fond Of Eachother

Cats cute critters gifs horses - 8262980352
Created by Unknown

Horse 1, Humans 0

gifs tug of war critters horses - 7952355328
Created by ToolBee

All The Way Around

gifs critters cute horses - 7073580800
Created by Mynameisavals ( Via Youtube )

Goat And Horse Head Butt

gifs goats critters horses - 8438673408
Created by Unknown
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