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Dog vs. Toy Helicopter

dogs helicopters gifs funny - 7582985472
By Unknown

Cat vs. Helicopters

Cats helicopters gifs - 8221587968
By Unknown

I Regret Nothing

wtf helicopters gifs funny - 7781379840
By meganeguard (Via Peppermint Heaven)

Hammer Don't Hurt Them

explosions gifs hammers helicopters mindwarp puns - 5101870848
By maxystone

Giant Puppet Moves With Helicopters

helicopters mindwarp gifs awesome giant puppets - 5262215680
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Volocopter's First Flight

helicopters gifs funny frankie original - 7916343040
By Unknown

Having Fun Down South

helicopters gifs water - 8456349952
By Unknown

Chopper Firing Flares

helicopters gifs mindwarp - 8139736064
By ToolBee

Something's Wrong With Your Helicopter

GIF of a helicopter that seems to fly with the rotors not spinning, because of a quirk in the video camera that captured this.
Via Bing

Corgi vs. Tiny Helicopter

dogs helicopters gifs cute corgis - 8093277696
By Unknown

Robot Helicopter Builders

bricks drones gifs helicopters robots science - 5522260736
Via Youtube

The Next Fast And Furious Movie Looks Way Too Realistic

cars helicopters gifs mindwarp jumps - 8341981696
By ToolBee (Via Youtube)

Helicopter Goes Skating on a Frozen Lake

ice helicopters gifs winter - 7948750848
By Unknown

Changing Shutter Speed While Filming an RC Helicopter Breaks The Matrix

helicopters mindwarp gifs - 8038183680
By Unknown

Anti-Aircraft Cat

explosions helicopters gifs Cats seems legit - 8195256576
By Unknown

Insane Helicopter Pilot Harvesting Chistmas Trees

christmas helicopters gifs trees - 7949222912
By Iron-man01
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