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When The Beat Just Hammers Home

Via Bing

By Grabthar's Hammer You Shas Be Avenged

wtf gifs hammers revenge Caturday Cats - 7019149056
By Unknown

And The Walls Come Down

yikes walls gifs hammers - 8470667008
By Unknown

The Faces of Modern Music

Music gifs hammers reactions faces - 8214134528
By anselmbe

Well That Was Unexpected

gifs hammers windows - 8148274944
By yoshi95

Hammer Don't Hurt Them

explosions gifs hammers helicopters mindwarp puns - 5101870848
By maxystone

This Woman is Too Hammered

wtf FAIL gifs hammers - 7406083584
By Unknown

Redneck Remote Control

gifs hammers TV - 8557620224
By ToolBee

Really Strong Window or Really Weak Hammer?

rage FAIL gifs hammers - 8503850496
By tamaleknight

Making Rice Paddies

wtf hammers rice win nom nom nom - 7172213760
By Unknown

Melee Attacks

gifs hammers rage war wtf - 5464686592
By kvadratos

Have You Tried to Turn It Off And On Again?

Funny GIF making fun of the line from IT Crowd of 'Have you tried turning it off and on again'
By DonD4nte

Scalpel Doctor? Naw, Hand Me The Hammer

wtf gifs hammers doctors - 8560382976
By MarcusLeary

This Guy Just Continues to Nail It

wtf gifs hammers juggling funny - 7875967232
By Unknown

Dropping The Wake Up Hammer

gifs hammers ouch pranks - 8341972480
By ToolBee

Oh Look Out, It's Hammer Time