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If You Feel Awkward in Costume At Least Know You Aren't Alone With This List of Animals in Costumes

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This Cat is Seeing Ghosts Of Booty

gifs halloween ghosts booty Cats - 8350922752
Via Senor Gif

Well, You Sure Scared Me

costume scary gifs halloween Cats funny - 7846618880
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Cats Try on Halloween Costumes

halloween costume Caturday Cats - 6693587200
Created by jyonasan1957

Perfect For Incapacitating Children

gifs halloween kids spiders - 8356222208
Via jaycrew

Punkpin's Not Dead

dancing doge gifs halloween funny - 7866515456
Via Elspeth Jane

Sheltie Says "Trick or Treat"

costume dogs gifs halloween Cowboys funny - 7850022144
Via Youtube

Turtle Angel Halloween Costume

costume gifs halloween turtles critters funny - 7850028544
Via Youtube

Its Difficult to Tell Which Truck is Fake

transformers costume gifs halloween funny - 7874493440
Created by Unknown

Happy Homerween

animation fire gifs halloween homer pumpkins the simpsons - 5379731456

Why Does She Keep Waiting By That Elevator?

costume gifs halloween creepy - 7844999168
Created by Unknown

Batman's First Enemy

gifs batman dogs sad but true halloween FAIL - 6674435328
Created by Unknown

Tank Dog Says "NO TANKS"

awesome clever disguise costume dogs gifs halloween puns Sundog tank - 5351811328
Created by Unknown


cars creepy gifs halloween mindwarp stalker yikes - 5356173056
Created by Unknown

Rats Off to You, Halloween Rat

rats gifs halloween critters - 8572212736
Created by Unknown

Reasons I Love Fall

autumn categoryimage fall food gifs halloween pie seasons - 6629491968
Via Pusheen