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Why Would You Eat Something Off The Bottom Of Your Shoe?

GIF of a newscast in which one of the anchors eats something stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Sharing is Caring

Babies sharing FAIL gifs gross - 7204465408
Created by ToolBee

Public Transportation is Disgusting

dirt FAIL gifs gross public transportation - 5797233920

Pregnancy is Disgusting

gifs gross jk mindwarp pregnancy yikes - 6578788096

Is This a Boil Or a Bad Case of Ringworm?

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Created by tamaleknight

Fart Scan, This Will Probably Be Going On Today

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The Truth Stinks

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Created by anselmbe

Spew Can Do It

vomit FAIL gifs gross weights working out - 8505148928


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Never Piss Off The People Making Your Food

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Created by anselmbe

Front Seats Don't Always Provide The Best Views

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Created by anselmbe

It's Mayfly Season

bugs critters Kill It With Fire gifs gross yikes - 8265206272

What Snake Venom Does to Blood

Blood gifs gross mindwarp snakes yikes - 6419803904

The Best Way to Drink Milk

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Created by deathwish01b

Kids are Gross

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Created by Adrien Latapie