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Where Rubber-Duckies Come From

googly eyes gifs wtf - 7975438592
By ToolBee

Attack of the Winter Soldier (Before-Special-Effects-Postproduction Version)

googly eyes gifs movie magic soldiers - 8360177408
By anselmbe

A Rare Breed of Meerkat

gifs Meerkats critters googly eyes - 7196505856
Via I Raff I Ruse

Computer Imitates Man

computers gifs googly eyes funny - 7865115648
By Unknown

What a Goofy Droid

star wars gifs droids googly eyes - 8390612480
By anselmbe

Bringing Life to Objects Will Yield Unexpected Results

Via Sheep Films

Om Nom Nom

gifs poles googly eyes Subway funny - 7717940224
By ToolBee

The Latest Remake of Star Wars

star wars gifs remake googly eyes - 7377736192
By Unknown

Excuse Me, My Eyes Are Down Here

gifs eyes googly eyes jk jumping - 8322344192
Via Distorbing2

Hey, Hey You!

gifs Meerkats critters googly eyes - 8212737280
By anselmbe (Via Adulthood is Okay)

Fruit Ninja

gifs fruit ninja googly eyes funny fruit - 7888166144
By nikadiler (Via Acid Cow)

Wow. So 'Murica. Much shoot.

Funny and silly GIF of a Danny McBride doing something goofy with googly eyes as a kid fires off an M-16 in fully automatic mode.
By Narcoticer

That's Not How I Remember This

Harry Potter gifs Game of Thrones googly eyes - 8449912832
By anselmbe