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Giraffe Takes Some Food From People

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Created by Unknown

Yes, Can I help you?

gif of giraffe peeking into a house chopping carrots
Via eBaum's World
Giraffe sticks his neck out

Alright, Let's Roll

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Created by anselmbe

Giraffe Stops By The Food Court

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Created by Unknown
wild animals unlikely pets being cute and adorable | sleepy 7 weeks old baby polar bear cub snuggling cuddling with a polar bear plush toy caption reads shhh

Wild Animals That Are Just As Adorable As House Pets (GIFs)

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Giraffe Chases Car

yikes scary cars critters funny giraffes - 7607695616
Created by Unknown

Baby Giraffe's First Time Standing Up

Babies gifs critters funny giraffes - 7446625280
Created by Unknown

Giraffe & Peacock

critters gifs giraffes zoo - 6137127936
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Olympic Giraffe Swim Team Training

gifs swimming funny giraffes seems legit - 7449189632
Created by anselmbe

Giraffes in The Shower

gifs critters showers funny giraffes - 7446613760
Created by Unknown

I Always Figured They'd Kick, Or Shoot Lasers

critters fight gifs giraffes headbutt nature wtf yikes - 6494510336
Created by Unknown

How The Heck Did You Get Up There?

Via Bing

Giraffe Stuck in Swimming Pool

critters gifs giraffes pool swimming - 5534687232
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

You're Too Giraffe To Drive!

Via Bing

Happens to a Lot of Guys

FAIL gifs critters humpday funny giraffes - 7537675776
Created by Unknown
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