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making bread at home jamie oliver style

How to Make Bread - Jamie Oliver Style (GIFs)

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Going, Going, Gone

Gif of dog playing fetch
Via tumblr
hilarious low cost version of the matrix gifs

This Low Cost Version of The Matrix is Pure Gold (Ten GIFs)

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Getting Angry at Your Failure Will Only Lead to More Failure

GIF of skateboard wipe out followed up with failed revenge on a lamp post.
By Unknown
whipped coffee tutorial in gifs

How to Make Whipped Coffee at Home (GIFs)

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Careful, There's a Beverage, Here!

GIF of a tall black man in a mosh pit environment holding his beverage high up in the air
By ToolBee

Elephant Crashes The Pool Party

GIF of a huge elephant marching up to a pool with people in it and drinking the water out of it like a boss.

Hello Handsome!

Gif of dog looking at self in mirror
Via Tumblr

Failure - Frog GIF

slow motion fail of frog not catching that fly
By PGomes1983 (Via

Hey Now, You Are 23 Pictures!

comedy gif gifs lol The Interwebz Willy Wonka - 5950394880
By searomp
face mask

How To Sew a Face Mask (Step by Step GIFs): Style Two

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Cute Chubby Samoan Flying Fox

Strange strobe light GIF of a cute and chubby Samoan Flying Fox.
By Desperate Hen

Captcha doesn't work, guys - gif

Funny GIF of a robot clicking onto the I AM NOT A ROBOT of a CAPTCHA to prevent exactly that sort of thing.
By tamaleknight (Via gif)

Sheep And Husky Play Around

Cute GIF of a sheep and a husky dog playing around and jumping on each other like friends.
By Unknown
best mechanical gifs of the week

Best Ten Mechanical GIFs This Week

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Nature Taking Its Course

christmas gif cat christmas tree - 8597238016
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