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Desktop Pyromancer

computers mindwarp gifs flames wizards - 8538739712

Go Kart Crash, Flip & Burn

crash FAIL flames gifs go kart yikes - 6208832256
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )


ants blender critters flames gifs puns - 5811100672
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )


FAIL flames gifs surprise yikes - 5467524352
Created by Unknown

Flaming Football

gifs fire flames soccer - 8539092480
Created by ToolBee

The Cure For Tail Gaters

gifs fire flames cars - 7196940288
Created by Unknown

Flaming Roundkick, Bud

kick gifs fire flames win - 6888481536
Created by ToolBee

One Hot Ride

wtf motorcycles gifs fire flames - 8563717376
Created by tamaleknight

Fire Sword Fighting

epic fighting fire flames gifs win - 6079065600
Created by Unknown

This Went Surprisingly Well

ouch guitar wtf FAIL gifs flames - 6708393216
Created by Unknown

Basically The Same Thing as Putting Plastic Bottles in The Microwave

mindwarp gifs fire flames flamethrowers - 8516309760
Created by Unknown

Teamwork is a Vital Part of Friendship

yikes gifs friends flames - 8255908864
Created by anselmbe

Don't Be a Hot Head

whoops FAIL gifs fire flames - 8200800768
Created by ToolBee

Classic: Baby Loves to Ride

Babies gifs flames cars - 8273724416
Via Senor Gif
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