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Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

Glass Steam Engine

awesome fire gifs glass science steam - 5395175936
Via youtube

Don't Worry He'll Finish The Job

FAILS whoops gifs fire funny gasoline - 7712757760

Bonfire on The Beach

cinemagraphs gifs awesome fire beautiful - 7604748032
Created by Iron-man01

Can I get you a glass of water?


Wax Fireball

epic fire fireball gifs mindwarp - 5773500672
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Bottled Fire

fire gifs mindwarp science - 8243943424

Kitty’s Fire Fascination

Cats fire gifs - 7964419328
Via Lawebloca

It Sure Is Hot

dogs gifs fire devil - 8291473152
Created by anselmbe ( Via Tastefully Offensive )

Is The World Ending?

yikes mindwarp gifs fire tornados - 8121846272

Meerkat Feels The Fire

critter critters cute fire gifs meerkat - 6592048896

Let's Watch Funny Videos Online

FAIL fire gifs lighter wtf yikes - 6108803328

Fire Turbulence Tornado

yikes gifs fire tornados mindwarps - 8409483264
Created by ToolBee

Flaming Marshmallows

marshmallows gifs fire - 8106398464

The Hottest Drink In Town

drinks FAIL gifs fire - 8379387648
Created by ToolBee

Well I'll Hire Him For My Party

burn FAIL fire gifs juggling ouch - 5779031552

This Drink Has Some Heat

yikes cool drinking Heat gifs fire - 6795466752