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I'm falling deep in the sky. Slipping into these hilarious vertically challenged puns.

Sometimes You Just Can't Win

gifs kids falling ouch - 8083794432
By Unknown

Classic: BALLOWNED!!!

balls camera FAIL falling gifs news reporter ouch - 5668860416
By rezme


memes gifs falling mindwarp trees - 8346447360
By Unknown

Every Time I Try to Look Cool Around My Friends

FAIL falling friends gifs suits trip - 5930825216
By keifhendrix

Boys Have a Hard Time With Snacks

gifs kids falling lol - 8102545920
By Unknown

The Athletic Mayor Of Toronto

Canada gifs falling funny - 7851485184
By Iron-man01

It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride

wtf gifs falling turtles stairs critters funny - 7720712960
By Unknown

The Floor is More Comfortable

Cats Caturday FAIL falling floor gifs ouch sleeping - 6166411264
By Unknown

Adding a Log to The Play Center

trees FAIL gifs falling - 8139713536
By Unknown

Move Over, Junior, I'll Show You How It's Done

gifs falling grandma hula hoops jumping - 8177572096
By beernbiccies

Falling asleep!

best of week Cats Caturday cute falling puns - 5098469376
By OryuKitty

Everyone Has a Day Like This

FAIL gifs kids falling - 8142089472
Via Bing

Snow Drifting Mishap

driving FAIL falling gifs ouch snow - 5921033216
By Unknown

How to Jump over a Chain

FAIL gifs falling - 8552049408
By sebenty


damage FAIL falling gifs ouch trip - 3909284864
By PancakeMonkey

Falling Asleep On Your Commute Can Be Dangerous

gifs falling sleeping funny - 7895245824
By ToolBee
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