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Every Pay Day

explosions gifs in this economy cars funny - 7804008192
By Unknown

Take That, Pumpkin

explosions pumpkins gifs - 8364581376
By Unknown

Explosion on The Sun

explosions gifs science sun yikes - 6578789376
By Unknown

Meanwhile in Norway

Norway explosions trees gifs - 8183807744
By Unknown

Michael Bay Directed a Skate Video

Michael Bay explosions gifs skating - 8248563200
By nikadiler (Via Taringa)

Shoulda Probably Put Another Fan In It

explosions computers gifs fans funny - 7586827520

Wearing a Mentos Suit And Being Dropped Into a Vat of Diet Coke is a Curious Experience

mentos gifs explosions mindwarp - 8232804096
Via i09

How I Miss Chemistry-Classes

explosions gifs science Chemistry funny - 7786562560
By ToolBee

Hammer Don't Hurt Them

explosions gifs hammers helicopters mindwarp puns - 5101870848
By maxystone

Watermelon vs. Elastic Bands

yikes explosions gifs watermelons - 7324059392
By Iron-man01

Spongebob Akira Mash-Up

Akira explosions mindwarp gifs SpongeBob SquarePants - 8499727872
By ToolBee

The Power of Music

awesome explosions gifs Japan Music robots win wtf - 5845198080
By Unknown

Explosions in The Sky

explosions gifs fireworks - 8504417792
By Unknown

Detcord vs. Bullet in Slow Motion

slow motion explosions mindwarp gifs - 8395484160
By anselmbe (Via
explosions gifs sonic boom jo38ma3 boom Reddit shockwaves reddit gifs - 10805509

Get Blown Back With These Shockwaves

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Optimus Prime is Drunk

yikes explosions FAIL gifs semi trucks funny - 7712764160
By Unknown
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