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It's time to get some exercise. Stretch those legs, get yourself going today, don't let yourself become one with the couch. Enjoy some of these hilarious high-tempo puns and jokes that will have you gasping for breath.


critters exercise gifs lolrus sit ups walrus work out - 4108345856
By Unknown

It's Rule 18 for a Reason

exercise gifs Movies and TV rules woody harrelson - 4388502016

Cat Doesn't Want You To Watch

gifs exercise Cats - 8105339904
By Unknown

A Moving Workout

babe gifs exercise workout - 8334065408
By Unknown

You're the Best!

gifs exercise weights lifting working out - 8288981504
By tamaleknight

Winning at Everything

animation exercise gifs Life Hack simpsons Simpsons Did It treadmill win - 6296074240
By GalderGollum

Can't Run Away From Death

treadmills gifs Death exercise sad but true funny - 7548397056
By Unknown

Goat Go-round Exerciser

farms gifs exercise goats wtf - 8204185344
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Kickin' It

cool wtf kicking gifs exercise - 6669368320
By ToolBee

Morning Exercises

gifs exercise mindwarp - 7983464704
By ToolBee
ouch FAIL list gifs exercise Cats working out - 269317

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I'm Not Sure What You Are Doing But Count Me In

wtf gifs exercise yoga 1980s - 8218857728
By PerryNoid (Via Ffffound)

That's Not How You Use That Machine

FAIL gifs exercise fail nation g rated - 7041720064
By Unknown


exercise FAIL gifs ouch pull ups - 4732666368
By Unknown

Swimming Is Good Exercise

exercise gifs pool seems legit swimming win - 6171052800
By _C_A_T_

Push Up Contest With Gaston

disney mindwarp gifs push ups exercise - 8419384832
By Unknown