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Escalator Problems

escalator FAIL fall gifs kids problems - 5601401344
By Unknown

The Newest Sport

gifs escalator basketball kayak - 8093159168
By Unknown

Hope They Made It

Via Bing

Socially Awkward Bird Uses an Escalator

Awkward bird critters escalator gifs Memes - 5185474048
Via Youtube

Rising to the Top

escalator gifs win winning - 5836605696
By Unknown

Tiny Escalator

escalator gifs mindwarp tiny wtf - 5103508736
By Unknown

Escalator FAIL!

escalator FAIL gifs ouch - 6550935808
By ToolBee

Haunted Escalator Hates Pants

close call escalator FAIL ghosts gifs - 6213177856
By Unknown

If Walking is Too Hard Just Hang On

bad gifs escalator puns funny - 7527496192
By ToolBee

Escalator Trolling Ducks

birds critters ducks escalator exercise gifs hopping - 6567274496
By _C_A_T_ (Via Break)

Escalator Malfunction

FAIL gifs escalator malfunction - 6955706880
By Unknown

Pigeon's Frustration

best of week critters escalator frustration gifs pigeon true story - 5503322368

Escalator to Nowhere

escalator FAIL funny gifs idiots sports - 6164408576
By _C_A_T_ (Via Failblog)

Well It's Better Than Standing Still on The Escalator

Via Bing

Classic: MC Escher's Fail

FAIL mindwarp gifs escalator lol - 7020444928
Via I Raff I Ruse

Almost Got It, Girl

best of week escalator FAIL gifs - 5424442624
By Unknown
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