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Classic: Anger Hurts

emotions FAIL gifs ouch sad but true skateboarding - 5001024000
Created by -Ghost-

Mammary Mondays: Teaser...

gifs bruce willis babe emotions mammaries - 6946118144
Created by ToolBee

Don´t Mess With Windows

computers gifs windows food emotions - 8301185536
Created by ToolBee


emotions flipping the bird gifs jail little person love middle finger The Interwebz wtf - 4085360128
Created by Unknown

When I Smile at Someone I Hate

emotions FAIL gifs hate smile - 6491368448
Created by KoreanGIFS

This is Why You Can't Play Frisbee With Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster gifs Sesame Street emotions cookies - 8291478784
Created by anselmbe ( Via Img Flip )

I Would Like to Come In Now

Cats Caturday emotions gifs rejection windows - 5751688192
Created by Unknown

Trolly Bird

birds Cats Caturday critters emotions gifs lol - 5227084032
Created by Unknown

Harry's Emotions

celeb emotions gifs Harry Potter lol sad but true - 4993412096
Created by Tobi

This Baby Sums Up How To Get What You Want

baby gifs kids emotions - 7014342144
Created by Unknown

The Multitude of Emotions

cute emotions gifs Japan win - 6584934400
Created by Unknown


emotions gifs love marriage stunt win - 4963139328
Created by Unknown

You're Welcome

emotions gifs horse mindwarp shower - 5761038336
Created by vyners

Hey Dog

dogs grumpy Caturday emotions Cats - 6708450304
Created by SofiDeer

Twilight Fan Fiction in a Nutshell

gifs twilight emotions - 7155631872
Created by Unknown

Oh noes!

Cats Caturday emotions gifs the horror - 5001559040
Created by OryuKitty
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