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A Drunk Raccoon in a Brewery

gifs drunk critters raccoons - 8511213824
Created by Unknown

That Moment When You Realize How Drunk You Are

Cats Caturday drunk gifs - 6478662144
Created by Unknown

I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough Fermented Fruit

critters drunk gifs monkeys - 8251511552
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Go Home Gravity, You're Drunk

wtf gifs drunk Gravity science - 6920257024
Created by LightSpawn ( Via Youtube )


drunk FAIL gifs painting roads - 4808761088
Created by melolonta

Smooth Drunk Exit

ouch FAIL gifs drunk bikini exit fall - 7013983232
Created by Unknown

Public Transportation is Tough

drinking gifs drunk public transportation reaction - 6766908672
Created by Unknown

Tipsy Ostrich

ostriches birds gifs drunk critters - 8416956928
Created by Unknown

Dancing Drunk Guy at E3

dancing gifs drunk guy funny - 7572516864
Created by Unknown

A Drunk Imitates Monorail Cat

drinking drunk FAIL gifs sleeping wtf - 6166408704
Created by Unknown

Glasgow Escalator Gif

Gif of a man going the wrong way on an escalator in Glasgow, Scotland.
Via gifs

Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath

Door -
Created by anselmbe

Polka Cat

dancing gifs drunk Nyan Cat cute Caturday - 6765933056
Created by AdamWD

Escalators Are Hard to Use

FAIL drunk fall gifs escalators - 8237837312
Created by Unknown

Drunk Guys and Motorcycles Don't Mix

drunk FAIL gifs idiot motorcycle ouch - 5914724096
Created by TSGIGOR

Speaker Freaker

dancing whoops FAIL gifs drunk funny fall - 7655704064
Created by Unknown