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Dog Enjoys a Dive

diving gifs pools funny - 7622817792
By Unknown

Stephan Fecked It Up

diving FAIL gifs olympics ouch puns sports - 6491640832
By Unknown

That's Gotta Be a New Record

diving fire gifs lol mindwarp olympics space - 6486998784
By Iron-man01

Diving For Stupidity

diving gifs funny - 7901588224
By sebenty

Diving Fail

diving FAIL gifs jump ouch - 5564674560
By heinhander11

Guys, The Stock Market Will Recover

yikes diving gifs jumping - 8547488768
By sebenty

Shark Week: From Inside the Maw of the Beast

diving gifs critters shark week sharks - 8284339200
Via Youtube

Diver Uses Water Pulse To Knock Down Rocks

diving gifs water funny win - 7572090880
By TSGIGOR (Via Live Leak)

No Son, You Can't Use The Diving Board

diving gifs mindwarp movie magic pool - 8226619904
Via Bing

Well That Explains All of the Diving

best of week diving fall gifs lasers lazers soccer sports - 5677926656
By SoRadDude (Via

Whoops, This Wasn't The Bad Dive Competetion

By Unknown

Soft Landing...

diving explosion pool funny jo38ma3 - 7983439616
By ToolBee

For Queen And Country: Ouch GIF

Painful GIF of a kid doing a classic belly flop from the diving board.
By anselmbe (Via GIFS)

Even Watching This Hurts My Stomach

diving FAIL gifs ouch pool - 6393651200
By Unknown

Now That's An Extreme Dive

yikes diving gifs nope catapult funny - 7891996160
By Unknown

Underwater Wheelchair Diving

diving gifs underwater wheelchair win - 6547561216
By Unknown
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