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Nice Dive, Old Man

gifs old man ouch FAIL dive - 6669331712
By ToolBee

Dog's Perspective Jumping Into The Water in Italy

dogs gifs water dive go pros - 8307871744
By Unknown

Kimlon KJ Dillon Amazing TD Dive

dive football gifs sports touchdown - 5377303296


catapult dive lake win - 3823542016
By Unknown

I Need Gatorade!

basketball dive FAIL gatorade gifs jump sports - 6035614976
By Unknown

Swimming Monkey

critters dive gifs Like a Boss monkey pool swimming - 5948345344
By _C_A_T_


crane dive gifs redneck swimming The Interwebz - 4582452736
By Unknown

This Looks Jarring, Definitely Not as Fun as Petting a Cat

dive gifs mindwarp GoPro trampoline - 8314780416
Via Bing


dive gifs lol soccer sports wut - 4579273472
By Unknown

Clumsy Penguin's Clumsy Dive

FAIL gifs dive penguins clumsy - 7076114432
By Mozleron (Via Youtube)

Held on to the Beer

BAMF beer dive FAIL gifs ouch wedding wtf - 5592370944
By heinhander11

Seems Legit

acting fall dive gifs sports soccer - 8240447744
By anselmbe

Epic Dive

dive gifs water win yikes - 6045433856
By Unknown

Scumbag Penguin

best of week critters dive gifs jerk penguin penguins push - 5972136192
By Unknown

The Running Man Dive

dive gifs jump pool - 8177266688
Via Google

A Perfect Dive

box Cats Caturday dive gifs - 5766565120
By jyonasan1957
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