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Throw-Rug/Hat Combo...

animation disney gifs lion king woah - 5443534848
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JEDI Forces

obi-wan kenobi disney star wars gifs reaction money - 6726770944
By anthropocene
A collection of famous evil laughs from Disney's greatest villains. The cover gif is of Jafar beginning to let out an evil cackle with lightning flashing in the background as Princess Jasmine and the Sultan cower against the wall in fear

Which Disney Villain Has The Best Laugh?

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Disney AppMATes

awesome cars disney gifs ipad mindwarp - 5251913984
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Film director surprises longtime high school sweetheart with an altered version of her favorite movie, and with a proposal to boot. The cover photo is of the couple in the theater during the surprise and the animated characters Lee created for them for the surprise

Paging Disney This Guy's Proposal Deserves a Job as an Animator

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Stitch: Forever Alone!

animation disney forever alone gifs - 5731035136
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Dumbo and Darth

celeb darth vader disney gifs star wars stormtrooper - 5241541120
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Babies Are Beautiful

animation Babies disney gifs gorillas nigel thornberry wtf - 6137909248
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How Else Do Owls Stay Up Late to Hunt?

animation disney gifs hunting meth owls questions - 6330686464

Push Up Contest With Gaston

disney mindwarp gifs push ups exercise - 8419384832
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anger animation animations critters disney gifs smoking Sundog - 4633793024
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animation cheese disney gifs nom nom nom peen when you see it - 4644508416

Disney + Voltron

disney want wtf gifs robots - 6943660032
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Jasmine is Ready to Show You The World

disney gifs roombas Cats - 8420889088
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disney gifs list - 293381

What If Disney Princesses Were Sloths

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Dove Up

disney wtf star wars gifs mash up - 6760353024
By anthropocene
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