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clever disguise dinosaurs gifs jurassic park lady and the tramp puns t rex - 4789030656
By Unknown

Baby T-Rex Costume

gifs t rex costume want win dinosaurs - 6635668992
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Real Life Brachiosaurus

gifs dinosaurs movie magic - 7168291840
By Unknown

Battle of The Beasts

lizards gifs critters funny dinosaurs - 7720850944
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Unhappy Ending For The Famous Shark

gifs critters sharks dinosaurs - 8441111808
By Omomomburger

Dinosaur Battle Towns

awesome dinosaurs gifs historiclol t rex - 5184496128
By _C_A_T_ (Via

The Next Jurassic Park Looks Scary

gifs jurassic park dinosaurs pranks yikes - 8314195968
By Unknown

Nicki Minaj Has a Dinosaur Fan

gifs critters fans dinosaurs nicki minaj - 8449464832
By Unknown

Robotic T-Rex

gifs dinosaurs robots tyrannosaurus rex - 8163459584
By Unknown

Come On, You Work in The Ibis Islands, You Have to Expect This By Now

gifs pranks funny dinosaurs - 7777178112
By ToolBee

They DID Evolve Into Birds!

birds chicks dinosaurs - 8234366464
Via I Can Has Cheezburger?

We're Watching You

gifs dinosaurs optical illusion - 7975113728
By Unknown

Chickens Given Tails to Make Them Walk Like Dinosaurs

chickens science funny dinosaurs - 8046146560
By Unknown

Trophies From Jurassic Park

gifs TV jurassic park dinosaurs - 8427056640
By ToolBee

We're Gonna Need Another Timmy

explosions gifs dinosaurs - 8501153536
By tamaleknight

Velociraptor Seeing Whats Up

dinosaurs gifs science velociraptor yikes - 5934451200
By Unknown
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