Señor GIF

dear lord


dear lord FAIL gifs heights parachute plane - 4921166848
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clever disguise dear lord gifs IRL pedobear the internets - 4379994880
By moonstar1001

One of My Worst Fears

dear lord gifs google terror The Interwebz - 5648358656
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Just a Hole in the Ground

best of week critters dear lord gifs hole Kill It With Fire spiders yikes - 5710585856
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animals cars critters dear lord gifs mindwarp - 4780293120
By 10

Hitchcock IRL

birds dear lord gifs mindwarp yikes - 5275447808
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critters dear lord gifs seriously spiders - 4801254400
By AgentZero1337


GIF of an electrical transformer have wires catch on fire and then explode.
By _C_A_T_

Frost Spiders are Real!??

dear lord gifs IRL jump mindwarp Skyrim spiders yikes - 5452133376
By Unknown