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Hula Master

dancing hula hoops gifs expert - 8256787968
By ToolBee

Polka Cat

dancing gifs drunk Nyan Cat cute Caturday - 6765933056
By AdamWD


critters cute dancing gifs Owl - 4246438912
By sixonefive72


dancing gifs Harry Potter magic Movies and TV snape wizards - 4582574848
By OryuKitty


dancing gifs party hard The Interwebz - 5133867264
By Unknown

Leaf Dancing - GIF

Cute animated GIF of a dancing leaf. The leaf isn't really dancing, but stop action animation cutaways.
Via Chasing Uphoriia

Lurch Knows It's Friday

dancing FAIL FRIDAY gifs - 6331970048
By peytenmcmak

Gotta Admit That Beat is Strong

dancing gifs critters funny - 7868526336
By Unknown

All the Ladies Checking Out My Sugar Lumps

celeb dancing gifs ladies - 5035878400
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Funny Baby Dance

baby dancing gifs kids - 6510585600
By _C_A_T_

One Smooth Dude

dancing dudes gifs - 8183658496
Via Bing

Are You Not Entertained, Cedric?

dancing gifs - 8168248320
By Unknown

Downtime in Syria

dancing gifs soldiers Party - 7047951360
By Unknown

Me Too, Bro

best of week bros dancing didnt-read gifs lol The Interwebz - 5870530816
By Unknown

When You and Your Friend's Favorite Song Comes On

birds critters dancing gifs - 8170650880
By Unknown

How to Dubstep

animation dancing dubstep gifs Spider-Man win - 6029003008
By rdog321 (Via Nothing is Linear)