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This is Literally Crazy

crazy gifs jumping - 7300465664
Created by lolever

Slow Mo Owl Landing

crazy critters gifs nature Owl slow motion - 5065384192
Created by Unknown
GIF of close calls that are almost fails

12 Wild Close Calls That Lucky People Survived

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Let Me Introduce My Cats!

Cats Caturday crazy gifs nerds - 5525786112
Created by OryuKitty

Crazy Free Throw

basketball crazy epic gifs mindwarp sports throw - 5115062016
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Crazy Cat

Cats Caturday crazy gifs - 5256189184
Created by Unknown

You Bore Me, Human

best of week Cats Caturday claws crazy gifs humans kids - 5564067840
Created by -Leogh-

Spider Pushes Down Web To Catch A Bug

nature yikes crazy gifs spider - 6944518656
Created by ToolBee

Nice Hat Trick

crazy gifs hats flips - 8284010240
Created by anselmbe

Wall-Riding a Bike

crazy gifs bikes - 6888141312
Created by ToolBee

Crazy For Chips

chips crazy critters dogs gifs pug Sundog - 6422206976
Created by _C_A_T_

Yo Yo Master

crazy gifs i-can-do-that-but-i-dont-want-to sports win yo yo - 5064929280
Created by Unknown

Suicidal Snakes Eats Itself

crazy wtf gifs sad but true snake - 6715172096
Created by _C_A_T_

Like a Boss!!!

crazy fighting gifs Like a Boss mma wrestling - 5294076416
Created by RicoMunster

Behold the Crazy

hair crazy funny horse - 8068668928
Created by Unknown

Hurricane Twice The Size of Earth Occurring on Saturn's North Pole

yikes crazy gifs science Saturn space - 7405772032
Created by Unknown
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