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What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

Skiing In a House

cool wtf gifs house skiing - 7061490944
By Unknown


yikes cool slow motion gifs head shot fish - 6946061056
By ToolBee

Paper Twin Peaks Should Be as Cool as Paper Mario

cool mindwarp gifs Twin Peaks - 8501623808
By Unknown

Trampoline Fun

art cool gifs hands jumping trampoline win - 6310659072
By Unknown

Double Dutch Dog

cool critters dogs gifs jump rope Sundog - 6103795712
By Unknown

Epic Plane Landing

cool gifs planes win - 6214140928
By Unknown

An Extreme Close Up of a Needle on a Turntable

cool turntables mindwarp gifs - 8510197760
By Unknown

Swimming in Snow

cool gifs snow swimming - 6937982976
By Unknown

Feeding Time For Cats at a Japanese Cat Cafe

cool gifs Japan Cats - 8511778304
By Unknown

Rotweiler Bridge

cool dogs gifs Sundog bridge - 6993873152
By Unknown

10 Passenger Crocodile Motorbike

cool epic crocodile gifs motorbike - 7041075200
By _C_A_T_ (Via Youtube)

Translucent Tongue

cool critters gifs lizard tongue - 6217691136
Via GIF Movie

Deal With It

cool gifs Deal With It flipping the bird lol - 6969898496
By anthropocene

Propelled Push Ups

cool gifs funny pushups - 7897938688
By Unknown

Impressive Spider Man Cosplay

Via Reddit

Cool Waterfall

cool gifs waterfall win - 6403355136
By Iron-man01
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