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No More Sexting Your GF, Bro

bro cars communication gifs rage text - 5302882816
By Unknown

How Google Glasses Will Affect Communication

gifs communication sad but true - 7114161664
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Demanding Monkey Has a Bad Itch

communication critters gifs itch lol monkey scratch seems legit - 6282838784
By _C_A_T_

Elephants Waving Goodbye

goodbye gifs communication elephants waving - 6717204480
By Unknown

Wake-Up Service

dogs wake up gifs communication beds - 7146312960
By ToolBee

Don't Leave Me Hanging Bro

anthropomorphism communication critters cute elephants gifs high five - 6355517952
By _C_A_T_

When Someone Writes a Really Long Facebook Message

didnt-read chicken gifs communication sad but true facebook - 7373469696
By SultanofSchadenfreude

When The Internet Gets A Little Too Internet

dr-evil gifs communication - 7164217344
By rainbrodash666


communication gifs Movies and TV TV typing wtf - 4564743424
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Gotta Work On Team Communication

guns wtf gifs communication magic - 8165142272
By anselmbe

Hey Human, Use Those Hands

scratches gifs communication Cats - 7432219136
By Unknown

When Someone Tries to Talk to You While You Are Listening to Your Headphones

david lynch gifs communication Twin Peaks headphones - 7383789312
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