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X-Ray Walkies

x ray dogs mindwarp gifs chickens - 8522390016
By tamaleknight

Chickens Given Tails to Make Them Walk Like Dinosaurs

chickens science funny dinosaurs - 8046146560
By Unknown

The Best Armor

armor chickens gifs link truth video games zelda - 5689218560
By icraped

You Guys Are A Bunch of Chickens

costume gifs chickens - 8111004416
Via Lawebloca

Laser Chasing Chicken

critters gifs lasers chickens - 8197866240
Via Tastefully Offensive

Farm Life is Weird

gifs goats critters chickens - 8472860160
By Unknown

Weird Walking Roosters

gifs critters chickens walking - 8225044224
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Is This My Egg? Doesn't Matter...

gifs eggs critters chickens funny - 7844954880
By Unknown

A Dog Watching Over Their Chicks

dogs gifs critters chickens - 8564861184
By Unknown

Skyping With The Grandparents

birds gifs critters chickens - 8486286592
By tamaleknight

Don't Drop Your Eggs

gifs funny chickens - 7906258944
By SatevisM

Cat's Chicken Hat

Cats critters gifs funny chickens frankie original - 7902524928
By Unknown

Cat Resting With Three Chicks

gifs chickens Cats funny - 7816206848
By anselmbe

Elephant vs. Chickens

chickens elephant epic gif gifs nature - 6127609600
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

How To Summon Chicks

gifs critters chickens claps - 8544336384
By Unknown

You Came to The Wrong Neighborhood

yikes chickens turkeys funny - 7895287040
By ToolBee
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