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This Glass is a Paw Above The Rest

Cats champagne gifs - 8258623744
By Unknown

How to Celebrate With Champagne

gifs champagne wrestling - 7996545280
By sebenty

GIF: Corks Out

gif of a champagne cork being popped off the bottle with the follow up foaming ejection
By milkman23

How to Open a Bottle of Champagne With a Saber

gifs champagne good luck swords How To - 8178664960
By Unknown

Champagne Hates Egg

champagne destruction egg eggs gifs mindwarp - 6625175040
By ToolBee


champagne gifs ipad ouch rage - 4621120768
By GrinningRat


babe champagne gifs girl suggestive win - 4184866560
By emmanhello

Might Wanna Get That Looked At

champagne gifs leslie nielsen Naked Gun - 8019030016
By Unknown

Hayden Panettiere Pops Champagne

babe champagne gifs humpday suggestive - 5181077248

Happens To A Lot Of Guys

Via Bing

Smooth Move, Idiot

FAIL gifs champagne - 8295873792
Via Bing

Well Now It's Time To Drink It Off The Floor You Filth Animals

gifs champagne swords - 8213324032
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This is Oddly Sexual

gifs spit champagne babe whoa - 7026287104
By Unknown

One Way To Get Champagne Open

guns gifs champagne funny - 7582094336
Via 50s 60s And 70s

That's a Lively Little Drop

FAIL gifs champagne pranks - 8445254144
By beernbiccies

No Abuse of Alcohol Here!

alcohol champagne FAIL gifs yikes - 8558967552
By ToolBee
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