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Climbing The Water

lizards gifs water chameleon - 8254500352
By Unknown

Chameleon Washing His Hands

chameleon critters gifs hand sink washing - 6597734144
By TSGIGOR (Via Senor Gif)

Chameleon Ain't Having Any of Your Crap, Alex

lizards gifs critters chameleon - 8509753088
By Unknown

Pygmy Marmoset Investigates Chameleon

gifs chameleon monkey - 8515564032
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Dude Get That AWAY FROM ME

GIF of a cute lizard get spooked out by a phone being put in its face.
By Unknown


chameleon critters gifs totally real - 4522907904
By Unknown

Just Needed to Wash His Hands

chameleon hands funny washing - 8067728128
By MoDude117