YouTube Mistakenly Bans Robot Battles For "Animal Cruelty" Content

So in an endless attempt to filter the internet and make sure no one is triggered, sites that allow content uploading have their work cut out for them making everyone feels warm and fuzzy. Well apparently, YouTube's AI has taken issue with all the mistreatment of its fellow robotic brethren, and started to ban contributors videos featuring robot battles. Some users reported only a few videos going down, while others reported dozens if not hundreds of videos that were affected. 

Shows like BattleBots and Robot Wars found a lot of their content suddenly banned from the site, even if the users were able to return the videos through filing a claim. But users that lost numerous videos would need far too much time to retrieve all of their videos. Luckily though, YouTube figured out what had happened, and the videos have been returned to their rightful place. So in honor of these bots that nearly saw their fame quashed before its time, here are some of the Battle Bots best. You can also decide for yourself if this warrants a YouTube ban or not, or maybe check out your new favorite YouTube binge.

YouTube AI bans robot battles for inappropriate content relating to animal abuse
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