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Is This Thing On?

celeb gifs Memes old people technology - 5215272448
By 10


celeb gifs Movies and TV sexy times TV whose line is it anyway - 4782003712
By jordanbrokaw


celeb gifs puns Star Trek Worf - 4959930624
By _C_A_T_

How I Feel at Work Every Day

gifs celeb - 8543867136
By Joeytubes (Via bustle)

Time 2 Dance

celeb dance gifs Party scrubs - 6392597504
By kramer2k

Oh So Thats What a Blue Waffle Is

celeb gifs gross Judge Judy laptop - 4998854400
By imdelightedjk

You Gotta Point

celeb gifs puns techno viking - 6305905408
By bmxpro

Forbidden Love

celeb crying gifs jk kids michael jackson rip - 5107532032
By Unknown


celeb gifs Harry Potter love mother snape - 5415222272
By berryfield

John Clayton Rules

celeb gifs - 6569976064
By Unknown

Who Else Played That Game?

celeb gifs lol scorpion Spider-Man superheros vintage - 5202899200
By Unknown

Is It Hot In Here?

celeb fire gifs hat ouch - 5523123200

Chuck Norris Versus a Young Version of Dr. Evil?

celeb chuck norris dr-evil gifs grenade win - 5529805056
By bernm007.316

Dirty Harry Handling a Hot Situation

awesome BAMF celeb Clint Eastwood fire gifs puns - 4961833728
By _C_A_T_

Smooth Move, Exlax

babe celeb gifs - 5330570240
By berryfield

Oprah's Book Club Fight Club

celeb fight club fighting gifs makes sense oprah - 5901118976
By _C_A_T_ (Via