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You Almost Won The Darwin Award

yikes FPS Russia guns explosions gifs cars - 8368123392
By anselmbe

Evasion Strategy

cars cops gifs Like a Boss parking win - 5086851584
By Unknown

Trebuchet Car Launcher

FAIL gifs cars funny flying - 7604239616
By Unknown

It Was a Good Day

cars gifs luigi Mario Kart - 8211129856
Via Ruined Childhood


babes cars gifs kermit muppets Pranks for the Memories - 4507691264
By _C_A_T_

Rough Housing With a Rolls Royce

gifs cars rich people - 6894262272
By Unknown

Drifting by a Lake is For Idiots

FAILS drifting gifs cars funny - 7534557184
By Unknown

Dog Takes a Ride in a Porsche

cars gifs - 8255403520
By Unknown

The Power Of Suggestion

gifs cars idiots pranks - 8373985280
By ToolBee

Commercial Helicopter Crash

cars crash FAIL gifs helicopter yikes - 6091371776
By Unknown


cars crash FAILS gifs Movies and TV top gear - 4867660032
By Unknown

That Was a Close Call

cars close call FAIL gifs Pedestrian - 6144048128

Super Door For BMW

bmw cars door future gifs win wtf - 6225920512
By _C_A_T_

Ow! My 'roids!

cars dancing gifs lol mindwarp ouch - 6161343488
By Unknown

Crazy Man Jumps Over Lamborghini

cars extreme gifs jumping lamborghini win - 5295532032

How Could You NOT See Me?!

yikes FAIL gifs cars close call - 8305936896
By ToolBee (Via Geenstijl)
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