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Gandalf Became a Bus Driver

wtf gifs gandalf none shall pass bus - 7061491456
Created by daytenfrench

That Guy Almost Got Hit by The Bus

yikes wtf gifs bus boats - 8165266176
Created by anselmbe

Well At Least Everyone Got Off The Bus

FAIL gifs bus fall - 8468596992

Sinkhole Swallows a Bus

yikes FAIL mindwarp gifs sinkholes bus - 8529943296
Created by Unknown


almost a FAIL bus extreme gifs Punnish wtf - 4498275584
Created by melolonta

This is Why I Give My Dudes Maximum Luck in Fallout

yikes gifs China close call bus - 7185412608


bird bus critters gifs pigeon - 4776819968
Created by melolonta

Close Call on The Road

yikes gifs close call bus - 6813097728

Men Are Creepy Babies

accident babe Babies bus creepy FAIL gifs grope lol men sleeping - 5850722304

Moral of The Story: ALWAYS Look Both Ways

bus crossing FAIL gifs movies ouch pain sad but true - 5895997184
Created by starkweather

Let's Not Take The Bus

bus Cats Caturday gifs wtf - 6257304576
Created by frank44mag

Gonna Be Late to School Today

bus China FAIL gifs kids wtf yikes - 6051898368
Created by _C_A_T_


bus cool gifs motorcycle win - 6369976064
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

If You Try to Headbutt a Bus You Will Lose

ouch FAIL gifs bus - 8541100800

Entertainment on The Way to Work

gifs soccer train bus - 8239011328
Via Lawebloca


bikes bus cars close call crash danger The Interwebz traffic wtf - 3927412224
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