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Water Won't Stop This Truck

rivers gifs water awesome bridges trucks - 7349369856
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

King of The Hipsters Almost Get Dethroned

wtf gifs hipsters close call bridges bikes - 7380168960
Created by Unknown

Stabilized Walking Bridge for Rough Seas

mindwarp gifs bridges - 8422156544
Created by Unknown

Might as Well Jump

gifs bridges jumping - 8146463488
Created by ToolBee

Another One Bites The Dust

FAIL gifs cell phone bridges - 8152130560
Via Google

What The Hell is This Guy On?

bridges FAIL fall gifs wtf - 8413918720
Created by Unknown

Dog Has a Problem

dogs gifs bridges sticks - 8500764672
Created by Unknown

Flaming Bridge Collapses Like an Epic Domino Set

FAIL gifs dominos fire flames bridges funny - 7490379520
Created by Unknown