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Look, I built a bridge. Now that could be a wonderful architectural marvel, a guitar accessory, or even a card shuffle. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find literally anything to do with mending that gap, between anything, just try it.

A Classic Fail

truck bucket bridge - 8434638592
By anselmbe

Uh, Not Enough Clearance, Bud

yikes FAIL gifs truck bridge - 6956404736
By Unknown

Someone Forgot About Crane

accident bridge crane FAIL gifs trucks yikes - 5971772160
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Cat Carefully Crosses River

bridge Cats Caturday cute gifs river water - 6119901696

Rotweiler Bridge

cool dogs gifs Sundog bridge - 6993873152
By Unknown

Altered Reality

bending bridge gifs mindwarp wtf - 5312095488
By Unknown

135 People Jump Off a Bridge

bridge gifs jump seems legit win - 6393167616
By _C_A_T_

It's All Water Under The Bridge

ouch FAIL gifs water bridge fall - 8449730048
By beernbiccies

Marble Falls Bridge Demolition

cool explosion gifs bridge demolition - 7147287296
By mondomix

This is Simultaneously The Stupidest and The Coolest Thing You Can Do

bridge bikes go pro gifs mindwarp - 8342679040
Via Thund3rbolt

Tough Towboat

underwater no problem bridge - 8126064384
By ToolBee (Via

The Goat Bridge

bridge critters goats mindwarp wtf - 5061802496
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Low Bridge Collision

bridge collision FAIL gifs yikes - 6488856832
By Unknown

Bridge Be Gone

bridge demolition epic explosion FAIL gifs - 5907206400
By Unknown

Hang On, Charlie... You Sure This Is The Right River?

collapse dominos bridge demolition - 8125017600
By beernbiccies

President of Georgia's Bridge Problem

FAIL gifs bridge fall - 6906644224
By Unknown