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Look, I built a bridge. Now that could be a wonderful architectural marvel, a guitar accessory, or even a card shuffle. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find literally anything to do with mending that gap, between anything, just try it.

Hang On, Charlie... You Sure This Is The Right River?

collapse dominos bridge demolition - 8125017600
By beernbiccies

Someone Forgot About Crane

accident bridge crane FAIL gifs trucks yikes - 5971772160
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Tough Towboat

underwater no problem bridge - 8126064384
By ToolBee (Via

A Classic Fail

truck bucket bridge - 8434638592
By anselmbe

The Goat Bridge

bridge critters goats mindwarp wtf - 5061802496
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Cat Carefully Crosses River

bridge Cats Caturday cute gifs river water - 6119901696

This is Simultaneously The Stupidest and The Coolest Thing You Can Do

bridge bikes go pro gifs mindwarp - 8342679040
Via Thund3rbolt

Rotweiler Bridge

cool dogs gifs Sundog bridge - 6993873152
By Unknown

Bridge Be Gone

bridge demolition epic explosion FAIL gifs - 5907206400
By Unknown

135 People Jump Off a Bridge

bridge gifs jump seems legit win - 6393167616
By _C_A_T_

Uh, Not Enough Clearance, Bud

yikes FAIL gifs truck bridge - 6956404736
By Unknown

Marble Falls Bridge Demolition

cool explosion gifs bridge demolition - 7147287296
By mondomix

It's All Water Under The Bridge

ouch FAIL gifs water bridge fall - 8449730048
By beernbiccies

President of Georgia's Bridge Problem

FAIL gifs bridge fall - 6906644224
By Unknown

Low Bridge Collision

bridge collision FAIL gifs yikes - 6488856832
By Unknown

Altered Reality

bending bridge gifs mindwarp wtf - 5312095488
By Unknown