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Maru Escapes One Box To Enter Another

boxes gifs critters maru Cats - 8515129856
By Unknown


dogs boxes gifs Cats - 7374725120
By Iron-man01

The Life of a Cat

boxes gifs cute Cats funny - 7846501120
By Iron-man01

Patent Pending.

Funny GIF of 4 different camera views of a cute cat playing in a box with holes cut into the side.
By Philippa2

Maru Wears a Hat

boxes gifs maru Cats - 8523094272
By Unknown

Small Talk Sloth is a Master of Conversation

boxes gifs critters sloths - 8004294656
By Unknown

How Does He Stretch Out That Far? - GIF

funny gif of a cat reaching into a box and looks like he has long paws but it just another cat
By anselmbe (Via Funny Gifs)

Maru is Disappointed With The Weak Box

boxes gifs maru Cats - 8319327744
By Unknown

I'm Boxed In To This Observation Post

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By Unknown

Box Friends

boxes gifs critters shiba inus - 8432652288
By Unknown

When You're Near The End of Your Shift in The Warehouse

whoops boxes gifs tired pushing Cats - 8557551872
By jyonasan1957

Bird Building a New House

birds critters boxes gifs - 8560832000
By Unknown

Little Kitty Banker

boxes gifs Cats money - 8345976320
By anselmbe

I Did Not Expect This

Via Senor GIF

The Most Oddly Satisfying GIF of The Day

boxes gifs - 8359207680
By ToolBee

Confetti Machine Hard at Work

dogs boxes critters cute funny - 7671519744
By JimJunkie