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Bread Necklace

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Hey Do You Want to Hear About This Really Dull Story That Doesn't Apply to Anyone?

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Texas Turkeys Play Soccer

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Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

The Attack of the Budgie

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Via Know Your Meme

Now Wear Did I Put Those Crackers?

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anthropomorphizing birds buses critters facts gifs public transportation sad but true Turkey - 4829985024

Here Ya Go, Kitties, Enjoy

parrots birds gifs Cats - 8506959872

We Four Birds Shall Move This Object

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Birds Riding A Fan

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Slowmotion Bird Flapping

slow motion birds gifs flight critters funny - 7628758528

A New Friendship

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Bird Taking a Shower

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When Who Let The Birds Comes On

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Hey, No Splashing!

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Pelican Bites Weatherman's Butt

ouch yikes butt pelican birds gifs - 6714792192

Trailing Time Lapse of Birds on a Wire

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