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Blue Foot Party

birds gifs critters Party funny - 7601310976
Created by Unknown

Can I haz a lift, Iz tired

crows eagles birds gifs critters - 8526827264
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Blaze Press )

Humming in the Rain, Just Humming in the Rain

birds critters gifs rain - 8302183936
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

For The Horde!

Via Gizmodo

Woodpecker Tries Out a Ladder

birds critters gifs ladders woodpeckers - 8203649024
Created by Unknown

Cross Between Fishing And Birdwatching

fishing mindwarp birds gifs critters - 8288036608
Created by Unknown

Dancing Macaws

dancing birds gifs critters - 7003933184
Created by Unknown

One Can Only Hope to Be as Happy as This Bird With a Paper Towel

birds gifs critters paper towels - 8572594176
Created by Unknown

Bird Learns to Care More

birds gifs close call funny - 7565417216
Created by Unknown

Another Bird Causes a Cat Problems

birds gifs critters Cats funny - 7900221952
Via Youtube

Kitty Cat Swats Bird in Face

computers birds gifs simulacrum Cats - 8501328640
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Jaw Dropping Magic Trick

yikes explosions birds gifs matches - 8182875904
Created by ToolBee

Capybaras Are The Biggest Rodents in The World

birds gifs capybaras critters cute - 8530753024
Created by Unknown

A Bald Eagle Swimming

usa wtf birds gifs critters swimming - 7022725376
Created by Unknown

I Don't Give a Hoot

Via Senor GIF

Puffins Standing on a Piano

birds gifs critters - 8186530560
Created by Unknown
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