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Go Away, Hater

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Just a Couple National Symbols Hanging Around Their Home

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Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

Lady and the Tramp Redux

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Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Potoo Isn't Gonna Back Down

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Kitty Cat Swats Bird in Face

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Cat Learns About The Futility of Modern Existance

birds gifs sad but true Cats - 8489765632

Trying to Make Out While Drunk

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anthropomorphizing birds buses critters facts gifs public transportation sad but true Turkey - 4829985024
top ten most interesting gifs this week | face cam and body cam of woman inside a gravity force machine.

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Hey, No Splashing!

birds critters baths gifs - 8247835648

Unfair, He Used Four Legs During This Race

birds dogs gifs stairs - 7937983232

A Bird's Elegant Run

birds gifs critters cute running funny - 7701787648

Parrot Learns a Lesson in Patience

birds gifs attack Caturday food Cats - 7111475712

And The Early Bird is Pissed

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Hawk Attacks Water Balloon in Slow MOtion

slow motion birds gifs critters hawks water balloons - 8093464064
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