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Bear With a Bow Staff

bear best of week critters gifs skills - 5907061760
By Unknown

Dog Sucker Punches Dude In The Face

best of week critters dogs gifs lol Sundog - 5690051328
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Leave Me Alone, Cat

best of week Caturday critters cute dogs friends gifs playing - 5840702464
By Unknown

Coasting Through

best of week gifs sexy times slip and slide win - 5764105472
By Unknown


banjo best of week Movies and TV puns rage - 5879219712

Giant Spider Puppet

best of week gifs hat mindwarp puppet spider yikes - 5733887744
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Thanks Laughing Mantis!

animals best of week critters gifs keyboard lol mantis - 5676065024
By Unknown

Is He Watching Something Bearly Legal?

bears best of week critters fap gifs lol Memes pleasure puns - 5796679936
By Unknown

Cinnamon Challenge Conquered

best of week challenge gifs midget win winner wtf - 5769580544
By Unknown

Goofy Rafiki

animation best of week drop gifs lion king whoops - 5113418752
By berryfield

Obi Wan, Play Nice!

best of week force gifs jerk obi-wan kenobi puppy stairs - 5222701824
By IkubiAkius

Kitten Ears

babe best of week costume cute ears gifs kitten win - 5879176960
Via Youtube

Happy Dog Just Jacked a Tab

best of week critters gifs jk smiles Sundog - 5366457344
By Unknown

Weight Lifting on a Motorcycle

best of week gifs motorcycle win - 5972139264
By Unknown

It's Always the Guy With Grenades...

best of week China close call FAIL gifs grenades yikes - 5769789952
By Unknown

My God...

best of week cheese gifs nom nom nom pizza win - 5835423232
By Klingon-Queen