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animation batman gifs wrestling - 4421891328
By Unknown

He Does Exist!

batman extreme gifs true win wtf - 5210338048
By capeman


batman joker Movies and TV - 3412880384
By Unknown

The Dachshund Knight

dogs gifs critters batman dachshunds - 8419386368
By Unknown


batman FAIL gifs lol pranks Pranks for the Memories suit - 4264712192
By wolf-antlers

Best Friends Forever

batman superman gifs Best Friends Forever
Via lifesucka

Time to Feed Bat Dog

costume gifs cute batman - 8438671104
By Unknown

The Only Way to Pacify Batman

costume dogs gifs pugs batman - 8541100544
By Unknown

Batman Approves

animation batman gifs thumbs up - 5762651392
By Asciicodeplus

Hands Off, Bud!

gifs extreme fighting batman bud - 7070294784
By ToolBee

What A Clown!

costume joker gifs creepy batman - 8359225856
By ToolBee

Sometimes Crime Happens on a Chest

animation batman cartoons chest crime gifs - 5284797184
By Unknown

Everyone Has Laundry Day

gifs robin batman - 8501079296
By dexter.roona (Via Comics Alliance)

Sup, Snake

animation batman gifs hello snake sup - 5072733696

The Batdance

batman celeb dancing gifs - 6016559360
By Phydeaux_Sr

He's Doing Some Batman Action

gifs pov batman funny jumping - 7879647488
By sebenty