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sports FAIL prank basketball - 8554796032

Unexpected Flying Kick

ouch sports gifs basketball - 8386095360
Via Bing

B-Ball Dog

basketball critters dogs gifs sports Sundog - 5270533888
Created by Unknown

That's At Least a Six Pointer

sports gifs flips basketball win - 8409508096
Created by ToolBee


ouch FAIL gifs basketball funny - 7501201408
Created by ToolBee

You'll Never Be This Cool

gifs sad but true basketball win - 8476336128
Created by anselmbe

I Need Gatorade!

basketball dive FAIL gatorade gifs jump sports - 6035614976
Created by Unknown

Harlem Globetrotter Makes World Record Basketball Shot

basketball gifs funny harlem globetrotters win sports - 7902526720
Created by Unknown

Please File This GIF under: "Didn't Expect That"

NBA gif of a free shot from the free throw line that gets wedged and stuck instead of bouncing or going in the basket.
Created by Unknown

Blindfolded Slam Dunk

basketball epic gifs sports win - 6095087616
Created by Unknown

This Kid's Awesome Play Caused a Man to Go Into Shock

gifs kids basketball reaction funny - 7672838656
Created by Unknown

Harlem Globetrotter Escapes Certain Doom

basketball FAIL gifs harlem globetrotters yikes - 7897939456
Created by Unknown

Skateboard BMX Trick Shot

basketball bike gifs trick shot win - 6512058112
Created by _C_A_T_

A Bit Short-Sighted

dunks sports FAIL gifs basketball - 8099999744
Created by ToolBee

Dribbling Doggie

basketball critters dogs gifs sports Sundog - 5133840128
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Cookie Time

basketball cookies gifs nom nom nom time win - 6198212352
Created by LawnGnomez
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