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U C Wut I Hafta Put Up Wid

Funny gif of a cat and kid playing together and the cat gives the camera a look to say 'see what i have to put up with' but in lolcat
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Baby Monkeys Are Cuter Than Baby Humans

Babies monkeys gifs critters humans - 8476377600
By Unknown

When I Meet a Morning Person

Babies gifs kids - 7374748416
By Iron-man01

Baby Wakes Up in a Groove

Funny GIF of a baby that wakes up and is dancing to the music.
By Unknown

That Sneeze Knocked Him Out

Babies gifs cute funny fall - 7467193088
By Iron-man01

This Baby is Hyped For Hockey

Babies gifs hockey - 8255219968
Via Bing

Ah, Nevermind I'll Just Hang Out Here

Babies cute critters gifs giraffes - 8327078400
By Unknown

Stairs Are For Babies

Babies parkour gifs climbing stairs funny - 7733189120
By Unknown

Men Are Creepy Babies

accident babe Babies bus creepy FAIL gifs grope lol men sleeping - 5850722304
By Unknown

New Born Robot

yikes Babies gifs creepy robots - 8192977408
By anselmbe

Green Bean Reaction

Babies gifs i know that feel kids nom nom nom reaction - 6185106176
By Unknown

I'm Here To Help

Babies friends gifs - 8306548736
Via Senor Gif

Baby on a Skateboard

Babies skateboards gifs kids cute - 8548303360

Baby Raccoon Gets Some Snacks

Babies gifs critters raccoons - 8272702720
By Unknown

Baby Goat Gets Tired

Babies gifs goats critters - 8188361984
By Unknown

I've Been There, Baby - Monkey GIF

Gif of a newborn monkey with a very pleasant reaction to the human holding him.
Via gif
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