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Silly Putty Armor is Effective

armor axe gifs mindwarp not really ouch - 6213735936
Created by Unknown

Turtle Disguses Self as Stool to Escape Kitty

armor Cats Caturday gifs sick turtle - 6105875968
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via I Can Has Cheezburger )

How They Test Bullet Proof Helmets in Russia

yikes guns helmets gifs armor - 8448267008
Created by Unknown

Armadillo Cat

armadillo armor Cats Caturday cool gifs - 5758704896
Created by Unknown

Kitten in a Elbow Pipe Fitting

kitten gifs armor pipes Cats funny - 7816530688
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )


armor camera gifs horse kick ouch science - 4819244288
Created by Unknown

The Best Armor

armor chickens gifs link truth video games zelda - 5689218560
Created by icraped

Maru's New Armor

gifs bags maru armor - 8470665728
Created by Unknown

Science Saves Soldiers From IED

armor gifs science soldiers tanks yikes - 6375825920
Created by Unknown

Cat Armor

animation cute armor Cats fashion style - 6826175232
Created by meganeguard ( Via The Thirsty Dude )

Bullet Proof Soldier

history mindwarp gifs soldiers armor - 8284349184
Via 4 GIFs

Ultimate Cat Armor?

gifs animation sword Caturday armor Cats - 6831610368
Created by meganeguard ( Via )

Living Target

archery armor arrows clever disguise yikes - 5336360448
Created by Unknown

Real Life Terminator Armor

want cosplay gifs armor - 7374342912
Created by Unknown


animation armor cool gifs pink panther swords - 4831076864
Created by Badger-Tailor